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Good Reads

I don’t endorse all the information in these publications however I have found them all to be interesting, food for thought and worth reading.

Facing the Tiger

Prostate cancer is now the most common male cancer in the western world. Facing the Tiger provides practical strategies to help cope with the psycholo [...]

Intimacy with Impotency

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a frequent consequence of prostate cancer and other prostate cancer and the other prostates disease treatments. Surprisin [...]

Is it me or my hormones

A Psychotherapist and Gynaecologist look into the question is hormone replacement therapy needed during menopause? Not all women want or need hormone [...]

The way of the Superior Man

A true classic as David Deida write's the way of a superior man of how a men can grow spiritually while passionately tussling with sexual desire, work [...]

Guide to getting it on

The only book where its so much fun to read about sex as it is to have sex. And it just keeps getting better.   When I started reading this [...]

Manhood: the bare reality

Laura Dodsworth has been bold enough to photograph 100 penises and publish them. Maybe a nice addition to the coffee table when company drops by. A un [...]

The five love languages

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is the challenge. How do you keep a relationship consistent and growing in the midst of everyday life, wit [...]

The secrets of female sexuality

Women can only get all the things they really want when men know these truth's, but women cannot speak these truth's because that would violate all th [...]